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Iain Sharpe Financial AdvisorIain Sharpe is a financial advisor who formerly worked in hospitality. Today, Iain Sharpe is at Merrill Lynch, but this blog will focus on some of the other things that Iain Sharpe is interested in. He is a man who loves sports, traveling, home design, and more, which is what this blog will focus on. Iain Sharpe hopes that you come back to learn more about what makes him tick.

About Iain Sharpe

Iain Sharpe’s love of traveling started with his many moves as a young child. He was born on July 30, 1971 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his family wouldn’t spend too much time there. Iain Sharpe’s parents, Andrew and Glenda Sharpe, are both English, and Andrew worked for Shell. Because of his job, the family moved to Holland, and they would move again to England when Iain was about two. Although Iain stayed in England for part of his childhood, he would end up in the American South once again. His family moved to Houston when Iain was 11.

Iain Sharpe went to high school in the Houston Metropolitan Area, and he would go to college there too. He graduated from the Hospitality Management Program at the University of Houston. However, before he would go on to his first entry-level job, Iain Sharpe decided to explore the world. He backpacked for eight months in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

After his backpacking trip, Iain Sharpe started his hospitality career with the Four Seasons Hotel Company in their management training program. However, after a few years, he decided to change course, and he began a career in finance. Iain Sharpe is currently a financial advisor and has been so for 18 years.

In addition to his work, Iain Sharpe enjoys a rich family life. He married his wife, Brooke, in 2005, and he has two boys who love sports. Mr. Sharpe himself loves to play golf, and he is an avid Liverpool fan.  In his downtime, Iain Sharpe travels as often as he can. He is also interested in home design and built his own home several years ago.

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