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Iain Sharpe Financial Advisor

Iain Sharpe, Managing Director – Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch – Houston TX

Iain Sharpe is Managing Director – Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Houston Texas.  Throughout his many years of experience in the financial services industry, he has met some amazing people and made some great friendships.  Iain is committed to building and maintaining strong client relationships.  “I am passitoionate about what I do and I bring that passion to helping every client with their unique financial goals.”

He and his wife, Brooke, were married in Laguna Niguel and together they have two sons.  The family loves to travel and participate in a multitude of sports, with golf being Iain’s favorite passtime.

This blog will introduce you to Iain and his interests.

About Iain Sharpe

Iain Sharpe’s love of traveling started as a young child when his family moved several times because of his Father’s job. Born in July of 1971 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to parents Andrew and Glenda Sharpe, Iain and his family soon moved to Holland where his father worked for Shell. Because of Andrew’s job, the family moved to England when Iain was  two.

The Sharpe family stayed in England until Iain was eleven years old.  Being born to parents who are both English and Scottish, Iain grew up experiencing a traditional English childhood.   Glenda was a French Language teacher and so the family spent many summer holidays in France. Iain and his family would move once again because of Andrew’s job, this time to Houston Texas.

Iain Sharpe went to high school in the Houston Metropolitan Area, Klein High School, and graduated from the  University of Houston. However, before he would go on to his first entry-level job, Iain decided to take a gap year and explore the world. He backpacked for eight months in Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

After his backpacking trip, Iain Sharpe started his hospitality career with the Four Seasons Hotel Company in their management training program. However, after a few years, he decided to change course, and began a career in finance. Iain Sharpe is currently a financial advisor  and has been so for 19 years all with the same firm, Merrill Lynch.  Recently, Iain received a big honor, being named to Forbes list of top Financial Advisors.

With Iain’s love for travel, Iain has been to may parts of the world.  Iain was recently able to take his family back to Scotland and to introduce his boys to their Scottish heritage.  Check out his pictures from this vacation on his Scottish Heritage page.

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