Iain Sharpe Offers Tips for Traveling with Children


When Iain Sharpe is not at the office as a financial advisor, he can often be found traveling. Anyone who knows Iain Sharpe knows that he loves to travel, and he loves taking his family with him. However, as the father of two young boys, he would be the first to tell you that it can be challenging sometimes.

As we gear up for the holidays, one of the things many parents will need to consider is how they can travel from one place to another with as few headaches as possible. Iain Sharpe has some insight on this issue and would offer the following advice:

Be Sure to Give Yourself as Much Time as Possible: You remember the movie Home Alone, right? They overslept, had to rush to the airport, and ended up forgetting a child. The important thing to remember is that it takes more time to travel when you’re with kids. From frequent bathroom stops to just curious observations, parents should give themselves as much time as possible to ensure they cross all of their T’s and dot their I’s.

Take a Look at the Weather Forecast: When it comes to dressing your kids for a trip, knowing what the weather will be important to determine what you should pack. Kids will be happier when they are dressed for the weather. And you will be able to save space for packing when you get rid of the superfluous items you don’t need.

Don’t Let Kids Pack for Themselves: Speaking of packing, you should leave the packing to the parents. Even if your kid raises a fuss and says that they want to pack their own bag, you will need to put your foot down. The last thing you would want is have your kid not pack something important and you’re stuck once you reach your destination. Give your kids the chance to provide input but supervise them at the very least.

Bring a Bunch of Family Games and Toys: The last thing Iain Sharpe would recommend is that you bring things that will keep your kids occupied. These could include games, toys, movies, and more. When your kids are happy, you will be happy too, which will ultimately make for a better trip.


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