Iain Sharpe Discusses Whether or Not You Should Get an Ancestry Test


If you watch television, you probably already know that ancestry tests are some of the most popular holiday gift ideas. And many companies that offer ancestry tests are significantly discounting their services over the holidays, making them an even more enticing option. But is an ancestry test a good idea for you?

What Does Iain Sharpe Have to Say about This?


Iain Sharpe says you should consider your expectations when you decide whether or not you should get the test. Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor with connections to England and Scotland.  On his father’s side, Iain Sharpe’s grandfather was from Scotland. He actually added an “e” to his last name when he moved from Scotland to England when he was in his 20s. Iain Sharpe’s mother had parents who owned a well-known pub called The Rose and Crown in Biddulph Moor England.

Iain Shape may know where he came from, but, unfortunately, many other people don’t share the same knowledge of their family’s background. Ancestry tests can help you connect the dots and understand where you came from. In addition to that, many ancestry tests also offer DNA testing that you can use to make decisions about your health. For example, you can purchase a DNA test that will provide you with information on how your genes could increase your risk of being susceptible to specific health conditions.

Things to Consider about Purchasing an Ancestry Test


Take a Look at the Different Companies out There: There are more companies that offer ancestry test than ever before. Iain Sharpe recommends you do significant research beforehand and check out all available reviews out there to get a better idea of what you may be buying.

Understand that There Are Limitations: Another thing you should do is speak with a genetics counselor to get a better understanding of what the test actually is, what it isn’t, and how you can use it to gain insight on your family history and genetic disposition.

Consider What You Will Do after Receiving the Results of the Test: Do you have a specific goal in mind for what you will do after you receive the results of your test? Is it just curiosity? Do you actually want to make lifestyle changes or try to connect with long-lost family members? Consider your goals before you make a final decision.


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