Iain Sharpe Discusses 5 Activities that Will Make You Happier


What’s better in life than just being happy? In the last couple years, Iain has referred consistently to an article he read on Business Insider that lays out 7 activities that will make you happier.  These are things he tries to do in his life and he finds that when he is focusing on these 7 things, he feels at his happiest.

Spending time with your loved ones – It’s a proven fact that spending time with your loved ones makes you happier. Maybe its because of their unconditional love, acceptance, or appreciation for who you are as a person.  Iain finds he can just be himself when he is with his family and close friends.

  • Exercise –  Exercise gives us the energy and endorphins that can increase our happiness.  The sense of accomplishment also fills you with positive feelings.  That’s not even to mention how good it makes you feel when your pants aren’t so tight!
  • Long Term relationships – Married people are happier and better able to deal with stress than those that are single. It’s someone to share the load with and confide in when you are going through your toughest times.
  • Goal commitment – Anyone who knows Iain Sharpe, knows he is a very goal driven person. He’s constantly making lists of goals and strives to meet them all. Goals and happiness reinforce each other.  Happy people tend to have more energy and that energy can be used to pursue their goals and dreams
  • Meaningful work – There’s a big difference between ‘just a job’ and something you see as your ‘calling’. People who are fulfilled by what they do professionally are happiest.  There’s no doubt that as Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor, he experiences stress and pressure; however, it is also very rewarding to help people meet their financial goals and to create meaningful relationships with those you work with and for.
  • Eating fresh–Eating right, including lots of fresh produce has a positive correlation with happiness as it makes you simply feel better and stronger from the inside out
  • Buy experiences – We achieve more happiness from experiences than from tangible items. This is one of the reasons why Iain Sharpe loves traveling so much, especially when he can share it with his family.

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