An App Iain Sharpe Loves for Family Organization:


The Cozi app has been a lifesaver for Iain Sharpe’s family.  With his two kids’ schedules getting busier and busier, Iain Sharpe and his wife realized they needed to do something to get everyone on the same page.  His wife had heard about the Cozi app from some of her friends, so they downloaded it and gave it a shot.  They love it!


It’s super easy to use and comes with lots of different tools you can, from a grocery list, calendar, to do list, reminders, and even pieces of advice.  Iain Sharpe uses it mainly for the calendar portion only but his wife has really enjoyed the other tools.


On the calendar, you can assign a color to each person’s schedule in your family.  Every family member can then view the daily, weekly, or monthly calendar and easily identify who is doing what via the color coding.  You can also set reminders or send agenda emails out each day to make sure everyone knows where they need to be.


The shopping list is great.  Instead of the old paper and pen list that sat on the kitchen counter, his kids, his wife and he can all add things they need from their mobile device, which will update on all devices.  My wife does most of the grocery shopping but she says she loves that it organizes the list by categories like dairy, household, fruits and vegetables, etc.  because it helps her get through the store faster.


So, for anyone who is starting to get overwhelmed with all of the to-do’s and scheduled events and activities in their life, Iain Sharpe would highly recommend the Cozi App.  It has really streamlined my family’s schedules.

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