Iain Sharpe Receives Big Honor


Iain Sharpe is honored to be named to “Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisors” 2018 list.  After being in the business for 19 years, it means the world to him to be recognized.  Iain Sharpe is a financial advisor who has always worked hard to do right for his clients. He believes this recognition helps demonstrate the strength of his commitment to delivering outstanding client service.  It’s also an honor to be grouped with other colleagues who Iain Sharpe admires and respects.


Of course, this is not an honor Iain Sharpe, a financial advisor in Houston, achieved on his own.  He has a great team that contributes so much to their client experience and success, and Iain Sharpe truly couldn’t do it without them – especially Gorana and Helen.  These two ladies are so well loved by their clients and get the job done every time.  They also have many support people here in Houston and throughout the country that help them get things done for our clients.  It’s definitely not a one-man job.


Iain Sharpe thinks what really sets their team apart is their client centric approach.  They try to form lasting relationships with all of their clients, as they realize that the better that relationship, the better communication that exists within it.


The Sharpe Group also does fun events throughout the year like cooking classes, spa days, and learning lunches and dinners.  This is just one more way for Iain Sharpe and his team to bond with their clients. However, they also use this as an opportunity to create relationships between their clients and connect them with those that they have things in common with – both personally and professionally.

In order to be chosen for this honor, a financial advisor like Iain Sharpe must meet multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria. These include in-person interviews, industry experience, community involvement, client retention data, and revenue trends.  The list spotlights over 2,000 top performing advisors throughout the country who were nominated by their firms, and then researched, interviewed and assigned to the list via a stringent process.


*Disclaimer Source*: Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Advisors” list, February 2018. Forbes is a trademark of Forbes Media LLC. All rights reserved. These rankings and ratings are not representative nor indicative of any one client’s experience, future performance, or investment outcome.


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